animal face painting - wittle wabbit

transform your child into a rabbit in 6 easy steps!

Step-by-step guide:

1. Lay out your face paints and start
with a nice clean face.

What you'll need:

  • • White face paint
  • • Black face paint
  • • Red face paint
  • • Two paintbrushes, one larger,
    one smaller (for the details)
  • • A glass of water
  • • Tissues or a pack of baby wipes
    (for any accidental whisker slip-ups)

2. Begin by painting the eyes
white, feather it out above the
eyebrows so it looks like rabbit fur.

3. Do a big moustache-like
streak of white above the upper
lip and bring it to a bulbous circle
at each side of the mouth. Then
a rectangle of white below their
lower lip (for the rabbit teeth).

4. Paint a streak of white down the
centre of the nose and join all the
white bits together at the bridge of
the nose. Mix red and white
together to make a nice pink shade
then paint on the tip of the nose.

5. Carefully paint the pink around
the edge of the white mouth.
Then with a steady hand, paint
'eyelashes' at the outer corner
of each eye, whiskers from
the white cheeks and a circle
around the pink nose

6. Paint a line around and
between the white chin mark
to make rabbit teeth. Paint
lips black and take the edges
out into a rabbit smile.

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