Download Beach Picnic Recipes

What could be lovelier than a tasty
lunch on the beach? Open the
parasol, lay down the towel and
unwrap these portable treats.
We’ve scoured the net for the
yummiest recipes around. Never
mind if a bit of sand gets in; we
like a bit of extra crunch.

Featuring in the recipe download:

  • • Herby potato salad with
    grilled asparagus and egg
  • • Dilled, crunchy sweetcorn salad
  • • Carrot avocado salad
    and citrus couscous
  • • Quinoa salad with halloumi cheese
  • • Roasted tomato basil and
    parmesan quiche
  1. Choose a French Brie or Camembert (gooey,
    delicious in the sun) over a hard cheese such
    as Cheddar, which might go a bit sweaty.
  2. Take a selection of sandwiches or wraps,
    cut in halves or quarters. Avoid sandwiches
    with mayo as it can go a bit funny.
  3. Keep a bottle of tap water and a roll of
    sellotape to hand; great for removing grains
    of sand quickly and effectively.
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