being white stuff

(or creating) ‘happiness in every stitch’

The vision - what we believe
By being different, and making a difference,
we’ll make the world a little happier.

The vision - how does it all add up?
By being different,
(with our unique product and personality)
and making a difference,
(by being good neighbours to our people & the

we’ll make the world a little happier.
(creating ‘happiness in every stitch’)

The mission - how will we get there?
We will dress lovely people and their homes with
all things bright and beautiful.

Our irreverent sense of humour can be found in
everything we do and say - that’s because we want
to make people smile.

We value people above all else - our customers, our
staff and anyone who works with us.
We want to make people proud to be part of the
White Stuff family.


We also want to make a difference in our local
communities and across the wider planet.
We want to give something back.
Together, we’ll make the world a little happier.

Our promise - how will we deliver our brand?
We promise to 'stand out up close’ every time we
deliver our brand.
Our product, our shops, our service and our people
should all ‘stand out up close’.

Our DNA - what is our brand made of?
We don’t think there's any point in doing something
in life if it doesn't make you happy.

Another way of saying we don’t do ‘the usual’.
We go out of our way to make people smile.

We don’t make suits, we don’t wear suits and we
don’t act like suits. You shouldn't have to either.

We always go the distance to make something
special. When it comes to details, we are bothered.

We treat people the way we want to be treated

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