We were overwhelmed with the number of postcards that flooded through the letter box at Casa del White Stuff; you entered our ‘Send us a Postcard’ competition in your droves! The levels of creativity and effort put into each one was truly outstanding, well done you creative bunch.

Picking the overall winner was an incredibly tough decision to make, but we felt that the prize should go to Emma Blessing for her unique and charming postcard. Emma chose to skillfully illustrate a beach scene incorporating the Beatles and their hit song ‘Here Comes the Sun.’ Congratulations Emma, you and a friend have won a trip to Greece, courtesy of Neilson Holidays.
  Here are some of the finalists; we thought these were fab!

1) This entry by Marion Stringer from Norwich created a 3D Punch and Judy scene complete with 3D sausages and a raised wooden frame! 


2) This cute postcard by Gill Saunders from Hurtmore certainly grabbed our attention. Based on childhood beach memories, we love the little beach huts she included; lovely!

3) Annette Allanach from Ellon has gone for a scrapbook style postcard, including her own photos of a camping trip, looks like great fun!



4)  This hand painted entry by Gillian Manton captures a summer memory of her granddaughter.

5) This neon entry certainly brightened up the wall at Casa Del White Stuff. Cherie Jerrard from Shrewsbury captured her summer memories superbly with a colourful drawing of her and her friend.

6) Artistic Lucy Bromlow captured her favourite holiday memory using lino print.


7) This postcard displaying a delicious looking hot chocolate sums up Adrian Shaw’s summer memories of Cornwall. Sounds good to us!


8) Daisy Simmons from Winchester beautifully painted a postcard which summarizes her best summer memory of her ‘swimming at the beach on a warm day’.

9) Our only hand stitched entry was crafted by Clare Mansell from West Sussex. She stitched her favourite summer memory, travelling rou
nd Canada in an old RV.