Over the past few weeks, we have been selling exclusive White Stuff mini footballs to raise money for the White Stuff Foundation. So far we have made £4,075! 

Not only have they gone down a treat with our customers, but also our doggy friends too! 

Ben the Labrador

This stylish dog is called Ted

Buster is the tough dog on the block, but even he can't help but love his White Stuff football

Little Freddy is almost the same size as his football, but that doens't stop him joining in the games!

Baxter can't help but smile at his new toy

Buster the spaniel doesn't look impressed at the poaching pooch next to him

Here's Mishka the Husky looking after her football - we dare anyone to try and take it from her!

Ole Sunshine is a 4 year old spaniel, and he loves a little nibble of White Stuff

Just to prove that our footballs aren't only for dogs: here's Roxy! She's not as slow as she looks, Roxy could put the dogs to shame with her footie skills! (That's a White Stuff blanket she's sitting on too!)

Millie is one of our resident dogs here at White Stuff HQ and she can't take her eyes off our mini football - look at that concentration!

There are still a number of exclusive White Stuff mini footballs left in shops. Pop into your local White Stuff to grab yours!