Helping you through ‘Hump Day’ Wednesday, leading health and energy expert Oliver Gray offers us handy tips and advice for avoiding day-to-day stress.
Your 3-step plan to beat stress
Stress isn’t always bad; a bit of pressure can help us perform better and motivate us to do our best. When we fail to manage stress effectively it can cause terrible side effects, from both a mental and physical perspective. In fact, a recent study from New York University has revealed stress really is causing our hair to go grey. 
There’s no getting away from pressure - life is full of deadlines and little frustrations.  It is how we deal with these that will limit the negative impact of stress on our mind and body. We can protect ourselves by becoming more resilient, making sure that we are able to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress and then taking steps to reduce its harmful effects.
Here is your three-step plan to become more resilient and beat stress:
1. Reframe your view of the situation
More often than not stress is caused by your view of the situation rather than the situation itself. Always talk positively about your situation, if you’re finding it hard to get positive, talk to a positive friend to help get you back on track.
2.  Taking action
Write down the problem that is causing you the biggest amount of stress, then set yourself three actions to remove minimise or overcome this challenge. 
3. Your health and energy
As we all know it’s a lot harder to deal with big challenges when you have poor health or low energy.
Sleep, healthy nutrition and exercise is a great way to start defeating stress
Make sure you’re sleeping well. Start by avoiding all technology an hour before bed
Healthy nutrition. Start by making sure you have a light evening meal.  Healthy protein and lots of colourful vegetables is perfect
20 minutes of morning movement is a great daily habit that will kick start your energy for the day
Oliver Gray is author of ENERGISE YOU – The ultimate health and energy plan. This book focuses on bringing together all the best information on health, energy & happiness in one easy-to-implement system for change. For more information, visit .

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