Leading health and energy expert Oliver Gray gives us tips and advice for feeling good about our body all year.
Summer is the season of sun, sea, sand and fun! It’s hard to avoid seasonal articles in today’s media; it seems everyone is focusing on getting ‘bikini ready’ with diet plans and tips and tricks on how to get toned and feel body confident on the beach. This annual panic to get in shape for summer can easily be avoided by maintaining a consistent level of exercise and a healthy diet.
It’s a lot easier to continue to keep weight off when you lead a healthy lifestyle rather than stopping and starting, introducing a fad diet or an extreme exercise routine.
During an average working week we spend about 85% of our time doing sedentary activities; sitting at a desk, lying in bed, travelling to and from work, watching TV, using the internet etc. In order to avoid the last minute gym dash or crash diet before a holiday, it is vital that we make exercise a daily habit, just like brushing our teeth!
Here are my four golden rules for exercise:
1. Movement = energy
Aim to fill as much of your day with movement as possible. In your lunch break, take time for a brisk walk around the block or through your local park. This small change to your daily break will both energise you and help burn calories.
2. Consistency
This is vital in terms of maintaining your health and fitness levels throughout the course of the year, instead of succumbing to the summer panic. Aim to exercise 3- 4 times a week and this will soon become a habit.
3. Choose an exercise that you enjoy
Doing something enjoyable will make it easier to stick to and increase your chances of being a consistent exerciser.
4. Choose a balanced exercise programme
Aim for a balanced exercise programme, combining resistance, cardiovascular and stretching exercises.
Remember, maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not mean things have to get boring or that you can’t allow yourself the odd treat. As long as you practice the good habits 80% of the time, you will get all the great benefits, you can then leave 20% of the time to be flexible with life.
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