What is the strangest thing you’ve been stopped for at airport security? We asked around at Casa del White Stuff…
Jo, Graphic Designer: They were very suspicious of my advent calendar.
Stuart, CRM Manager: I got into a bit of a pickle trying to smuggle Branston into Zurich.
Tara, Graphic Design Manager: A lighter whose boobs lit up. She said ‘I love you’.
Jo, Press Officer: A leg of lamb.
Holly, Print Designer: Once I was stopped for having a ‘weapon’. I realised they meant my lunch box fork. Had to eat my pasta with my fingers!
Sally, Foundation Manager: My (now-ex) boyfriend came to visit me in Canada when I was working there. I asked him to bring a bag of my clothes from London which he dutifully put in his suitcase. At the Canadian border they decided to do random bag searches. They pulled out bikinis, skirts, etc, from his case. Poor Marc was mortified; they thought he was a cross dresser!
What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been stopped for?