British fashion expert and Clothes Show veteran Caryn Franklin gives her take on ‘Life in lo-fi’, our spring theme.

How long would you say you spend on the internet per day?
Because I have to work during the day, I do a lot of Skype-ing and social media, about 4 hours (but it’s all time well spent).

Which item of technology are you most reliant on, would you say?
My iPhone and my laptop.

What would you do on a completely tech-free day?
Garden. I would put my wellingtons on and my daggy old jeans, put my hands in the earth and just feel the pulse of the mud. I never signed up to sit in front of a screen, and yet it seems like we’re all forced to do so! I’m often desperate to move around. Gardening ticks a lot of boxes for me, because I’m doing something productive, creative, and I’m outside, hearing the birds sing. It’s lovely, I love it.

You use Facebook and Twitter, what about Pinterest?
No, I feel like there is an overload with updating my website, blogging and tweeting. It takes up a lot of time, especially as I already have two sites to look after.

Do you think you would be happier without technology?
I grew up without it, but I think it can give you a competitive edge today – in terms of speed and contact so I know I couldn’t step away from it now.  What this new technology has done is allow me to work from my desk and be there when my kids get home from school and actually say “how was your day” instead of never being there until 7/8pm. Writing books is much easier now that I don’t have to write a hard copy first!

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