You know those times when you feel on top of the world, but everyone keeps asking you if you’re feeling okay? It’s amazing how much the colours you wear can influence the way you look. Worn the right way, colour can make you look healthier and younger. With this is mind, we got in touch with Colour Me Beautiful and they sent fabulous colour guru Anita Feron Clark to Casa del White Stuff to teach us about colour and help us discover our style personalities.

Anita said the average person wore only 20% of their wardrobe, 80% of the time! We definitely agreed with this and got excited when she said she would help us to:

-Wear the right colours

-Make the most of our ‘style personalities’

-Select the right fit and shape

-Be current and ‘on-trend’

There are six different colour groupings:

1. Deep - dark hair and eyes with a warm skin tone (Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendes and Julia Roberts are all Deep)

2. Light - very delicate colouring with blue or green eyes, blonde hair and pale skin (Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon are Light)

3. Soft - muted colouring, a mix of warm and cool. Can be described as ‘mousy’ and can have highlighted hair (Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel are all Soft)

4. Cool - an overall cool look to your colouring. Ashy hair, silvery blonde and grey (Liz Hurley, Meryl Streep, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Connelly and Kate Middleton are Cool)

5. Warm - earthy undertones to your hair, eyes and skin. Redheads usually fall into this category (Sarah Ferguson, Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Kate Beckinsale, Beyonce, Debra Messing and Julianne Moore are Warm)

6. Clear – bright, crisp colouring with sparkly eyes; often green or blue with contrasting hair (Megan Fox, Liv Tyler and Courtney Cox are Clear)

If you need help identifying your colour type, click here


Wear colours which are deep. The deeper the better, no pastels. Pewter and cornflower blue are amazing shades on Deeps. Wear two dark colours together or one dark and one pale; never two light shades at the same time.

Elissa and Julia look at their Deep shades




Keep your colours light. Pastels are perfect. 

Ruth looks lovely in lilac!



Don’t wear anything too high contrast. They should wear tone-on-tone, blended shades. Avoid brights and aim for balance above everything else.

Soft gals Tara and Sharon peruse their colours

Wear shades with cool blue undertones. Strong pinks and blues look great on Cools, not pastels. Avoid yellow and orange. 

(We had long suspected our Lee was a ‘cool man’)

Ooh beige isn't great...

...but green is a fab colour on this Cool man.

Our Dorset Stripe Polo is the perfect colour for Lee! 


Don’t wear pink. Yellow, orange and warm green are good. Natural shades, bronze and Pewter also look lovely. Never wear anything cool; no pastels, or anything too dark.

Michelle gets some tips for her upcoming wedding!

Warm colours

This new dress (coming soon) is the perfect shade for Michelle. She'll be needing something ivory for her wedding though.


Have fun with colour; the brighter the better. Vibrant, bright colour, jewel shades, high contrast, loud shades.

 Our bright Luna Vest is the perfect choice for Clear girls Camille (left) and Becky

Other things we learnt from Anita:

-Colours reflect upwards, so the colour you wear right next to your face is the most important one to get right. 

-There’s a shade of purple to suit everyone!

-Colour theory is based on the ‘Munsell System’ and every colour has an ‘undertone’, a ‘value’ and a ‘chroma’

-Wearing a contrast of matte and shine near your face is particularly flattering

-Wear black with caution as it can age you (luckily, White Stuff doesn’t do black)

-Cool skin tones look good in silver, warmer skin tones look better in gold

-There are six different types of colour personalities: ‘creative’, ‘dramatic’, ‘romantic’, ‘classic’, ‘natural’ and ‘city chic’. Which one are you? 

-Because scarves are worn right next to your face, it’s especially important to get these colours right. Luckily we’ve got plenty to choose from! 

Feeling inspired? You can book an appointment with Anita Feron Clarke here

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