Crafty Break: Make a Pinwheel

Brighten up your home with a funky paper pinwheel. This is a fab activity to do with the kids, or when you’re in need of a crafty 15 minutes.  

You will need:
1 sheet of brightly coloured A4 paper
Paper fasteners (you can get them from most stationers)
Drinking straw
Blue tack

Step 1: Fold one corner of your A4 paper down and cut off the remainder.

Step 2:Fold the paper over again to create another set of creases then open it up as a square.

Step 3:Cut along each crease until you’re about an inch from the centre.

Step 4:Squirt a blob of glue in the centre before folding down every other point on the paper. Hold the points down on the glue for about 30 seconds until it’s dry.

Step 5:Insert the pin through the centre of the wheel.

Step 6:Flatten one end of the straw and push the pin through the top. Secure with a blob of blue tack at the back.
Now display your pretty pin wheels!

Decorate a room by sticking them straight to the wall or even pop them in a vase-they never wilt.

Some of the pinwheels were proudly displayed at a recent White Stuff event