Craig Osborne is our Senior Menswear Designer.  Craig and his team design all of the pieces in our Laundered Classics (casual) and Gentlemen’s Relish (smarter) ranges. Needless to say, he knows loads a thing or two about men’s style and sends us tips to keep us on the sartorial straight and narrow.

Creative Layering
These images should help to show how basic wardrobe staples can be given new life through the development of your layering technique.  By now, we’ve all reached into the depths of our wardrobes, hunting for knitwear, coats and accessories. Despite this seasonal habit, sometimes we still fail to recognise that the cold weather brings an opportunity to try layering!
Like most things, it takes practise and bit of knowledge. There are rules and guidelines to be considered, but you also have to know when it’s acceptable to throw the rulebook out the window and take a looser approach to these guidelines.
It really doesn’t take much to create a warm, practical, stylish outfit. Simplicity, as with so many aspects of fashion, is the best way forward; simple textures, refined and correct cuts and the odd splash of individuality is all you really need, especially when you consider that more often than not, everything will be covered up by your coat!
Picking your materials carefully is one of the fundamentals of layering. Natural fibres are warmer than synthetics and they are the sign of a decent quality piece; investment is a good idea. If you look at the big trends this season you will notice that most make good use of wool and its variants, such as tweed and corduroy – all traditionally winter based fabrics and guaranteed to keep you toasty.
Think outside the box with your outerwear. Wear sporty outerwear over more traditional woollen coats. Try a cotton gilet over a wool overcoat or chunky cardigans over blazers and waistcoats with thick chunky scarves. I have selected some simple pieces from our current White Stuff collection to wear as a whole layered outfit.

If Craig's note has inspired you, have a look at our new menswear to pick your layering pieces!