In between shots, we asked our talented crew for their green-fingered tips.

Name:  Monica
Role: Digital Assistant
Gardening tip:  Basil plants are really easy to look after. Keep one in your kitchen and you’ll never have to buy another jar of pesto again!
Favourite vegetable: Anything cooked with garlic


Name: Tim
Role: Lighting Assistant
Gardening tip: Don’t forget to water your plants!
Favourite vegetable: Broccoli

Name: Natasha
Role:  Hair and make up
Gardening tip: Always wear gloves to protect your nails
Favourite vegetable: Sweet potato

Name:  Beth
Role: Stylist
Gardening tip: Always buy plants in odd numbers, it looks more natural in your garden
Favourite vegetable:  Garlic

Name:  Ian
Role: Digital Assistant
Gardening tip:  Consult the Gardener’s World blog for tips
Favourite vegetable:  Sweetcorn


Name:  Andy
Role: Lighting assistant
Gardening tips: Put basil around your tomato plants- it fends off bugs!
Favourite vegetable:  Butternut squash

Name:  Jonathan
Role: photographer
Gardening tip: When choosing an allotment plot, always go for an open spaced area rather than anywhere with shade or under trees
Favourite vegetable:  Potato with butter and parsley

Name:  Ryan
Role: Set dresser
Gardening tip: Get a scary scarecrow
Favourite vegetable: Peas