White Stuff's only international outpost is in Copenhagen, Denmark, so who better to tell you all about our shop than Copenhagen-based blogger, Tina Fussell. Tina is author of Copenhagen blog, Travelling Mama and she has guest blogged for us this month. Find out a little more about Tina and our Danish shop below. 

Hello and greetings from Copenhagen!  My name is Tina and I am an American who has been living in Denmark with my husband and kid
s for almost three years.  Although I started my blog prior to moving here when we still lived in Morocco, I love to share daily details of our life, including how we live, where we live, what we wear, and all the little moments that happen each day.

The last few weeks in Copenhagen have been blustery and snowy.  On the day I visited White Stuff in Copenhagen, the streets were hectic with everyone bustling quickly from here to there, arriving as quickly as possible to escape the weather. The moment I stepped inside White Stuff, though, I was instantly transported to a warm, spring day.  Everything was so cheery and sunny and I realized all over again why I love White Stuff.  It is always so fresh and every piece is infused with a dose of happiness!

The Copenhagen shop is delightful, with a super friendly staff plus loads of little details everywhere the eye looks.  Being there was like a little warm hug on a cold winter day!


If you would like to learn more about our family and life in Copenhagen, please stop by my blog, 
Travelling Mama!

In this picture Tina is wearing the following items; Lulu shopper, Victoriana Shirt, Button Fox Scarf and the Stripe to Stripe Skirt