Are you potty for potting? Find out here…
Do you think a ‘Trellis’ is:
a.       A tasty flan with apples and almonds
b.      The Spanish equivalent of the name ‘Doris’
c.       French for ‘Lady Garden’
d.      A framework of light wooden or metal bars to support fruit trees or creepers, typically fastened against a wall

Do you think Titchmarsh is:
a.       A male Blue Tit
b.      What happens when you encounter a small patch of mud
c.       A footballer who used to play for Man City
d.      A truly wonderful man, guru of all that is green and world-renowned water feature maestro
When you think ‘soil’ do you think:
a.       Mmm chocolate
b.      Eugh, dirty!
c.       I must hire a cleaner
d.      I need to get my hands in there
What do you do in your shed?
a.       Shed? I don’t own one sweetie, I keep the Porsche in the garage
b.      A set of tools and an old washing machine
c.       Battle spiders
Would you say you’re self-sufficient?
a.       I tend to buy the organic range in Waitrose
b.      Fairly, I know how to read a map
c.       I can call the local takeaway with a single hand
d.      Dinner tonight is all home-grown
How does your garden grow?
a.       It’s completely paved, so it doesn’t, technically
b.      I have no idea! Survival of the fittest I suppose
c.       There’s a pot plant or two left from the last family that lived here
d.      Very nicely, thank you
Do you own a pair of gardening gloves?
a.       Yes! They were a joke present one Christmas; pink and frilly
b.      No, only red leather driving gloves
c.       No way José
d.      Yes, they’re old and muddy. I like to hang them up in my shed after a long day in the garden
Mostly A
Er, no.
If by ‘gardening’ you mean ‘received some flowers last month’, then chances are you’re not green-fingered. Are you bothered? Probably not.  

Mostly B
Don’t think Monty Don’s quaking in his mud-caked boots
You cleared the leaves from the drive last year but that’s about as far as it goes. Give potting a go – you might find you like it!

Mostly C
Not afraid of weeding
When the time is right, you love getting down and dirty in the garden. Good for you!

Mostly D
Yes, you’re green-fingered
There’s nothing you love more than being up to your elbows in mud. Your garden (or window box) must look blooming lovely.