For us, the thought of new clothes is about the only thing that makes a drizzly Monday in any way bearable!

Our clean cut new 'West Village' collection has been inspired by the geometry and symmetry of New York architecture. 
The latest pieces are perfect for the workplace and their versatile design means they’re great for special events as well.  Including fitted shift dresses, structured knitted blazers and on-trend polo necks, this new collection suits you up for any situation. 
The muted, professional colours of rich aubergine and gunmetal grey are lifted with softer tones of mineral green and blush pink, adding in some femininity to the architecturally inspired pieces. 
Prints are pared back and illustrative, giving the overall look of the collection a toned down, but still creative appearance.

Take inspiration from the NYC and look the business with West Village.

Shop West Village here.