White Stuff customer Heather made this lovely gardening bag for her best friend Carol’s birthday. Here, she shows us how to make it. It doubles as a shopper for any non-gardeners out there!

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You will need:
1x piece of hessian 62cm x 140cm
1x piece fabric/thermal lining 62cm x 140cm
Scraps of contrasting fabric to decorate the bag
1x piece of strong cotton tape, 1.50m (for the handles)
A sewing machine
1. Fold the hessian in half (so it now measures 70 x 62) and stitch down the side and at the bottom, allowing a 2cm seam.
2. Zigzag stitch around the edges to prevent fraying.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the lining.
4. Take the hessian and fold each bottom corner 10cm to the middle and stitch. This makes the bottom of the bag.
5. Do the same for the lining and place it inside the hessian. Pin or tack the side seams together to hold it in place.
6. Fold the top of your bag inwards by 6cm, tucking in the raw edges. Stitch it down.
7. For the handles, cut the tape in half (so it’s now 76cm long) and fold your bag in half widthways so you can find the centre.
8. Pin the handles at an equal distance from the centre and stitch them 0.5cm inside the top of the bag. You could top-stitch the ends to make them extra strong.
9. If you want to appliqué a flower or initial on your bag, it’s easiest to use an embroidery hoop. This decoration will also help to keep your lining in place; decorative and practical! Practice on a bit of scrap fabric first so you can get your machine stitching exactly how you want it.
10. Wear your bag with pride or pack it full of gardening goodies and give it to a deserving green-fingered friend! 

Fill your bag with gardening goodies!

The applique technique is easy and really brings the design to life.