Still keeping to your New Year’s Resolutions? No, us neither. As we write this, Press lady Jo Fry has just offered around a plate of freshly baked birthday cupcakes. You can’t resist a cupcake, surely? Especially not a birthday cupcake…

Just in the nick of time, leading health and energy expert Oliver Gray is back to offer some tips to keep us on the straight and narrow.   

Still feeling positive about 2013?
Although lots of us begin the New Year with good intentions, many of us end up failing to stick to them. If this is you, or you need something to motivate you to make positive change, then read on.
There are small changes you can make to your life that will re-energise you and make you feel great. Now’s the time to forget unrealistic goals and concentrate on things you can actually achieve to improve your health, energy and happiness. 
If you are struggling to know where to start click here to access my short video where I offer five top tips to help you get motivated. I have also included three areas for you to focus on this month.
As you will see from my video and tips below, my philosophy on health and energy is, “keep it simple”.  The actions are always straightforward; the challenge lies in forming new healthy habits.
There is a very simple formula for achieving great health and energy:
-       Consistently do more of the things that positively affect your health & energy
-       Do less of the things that affect you negatively
Give your focus to these three habits for one month, you’ll soon feel the benefits (and in time they will become a habit).
Re-energising tip
Nature has a calming effect on our nervous system, whereas city life is very stimulating. Spend some time in the countryside/park/garden or by the sea at least once a week and don’t take your phone!
Re-energising your mind tip
Sit in your favourite room on your own, in complete silence, for at least 30 minutes. Do nothing, just sit and enjoy the silence. Focus your attention on how your body feels and your breathing, as opposed to spending this time thinking.
Nutrition tip
Go on a one-day detox (extend your detox for a week or a month if you can). Here are the top seven things to cut out:
 •    cigarettes
 •    alcohol
 •    caffeine
 •    red meat
 •    dairy products
 •    wheat
 •    foods high in sugar
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Oliver Gray is the author of ENERGISE YOU – The ultimate health and energy plan. His book focuses on bringing together all the best information on health, energy & happiness in one easy-to-implement system for change.