We all know the feeling; you’re in hurry and start frantically rooting through your underwear drawer for a pair of tights which aren’t too small, too short, too laddered and are not, in fact, the yellow tights you bought last Halloween to transform yourself into Marge Simpson.

Then it happens; you find the perfect pair! You thought they were in the wash, but here they are, in the drawer, all perfect and clean. You carefully pull them on and prepare to leave the house. Then you realise there’s a whacking great hole in the back of the leg. Sigh. Here’s the solution; have a one ruthless sort-out and vow to only buy quality, long-lasting tights in future.

Like underwear, tights fall into two categories: decorative and practical.  The pretty, colourful net kind are a lovely way to add interest to winter outfits, while the practical, everyday kind keep your legs warm and go with everything in your wardrobe. 

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Our Nelly Net tights add another dimension to casual outfits and look lovely for parties too. 

Go to a party in our Sally Spot Tights!

Made from a gorgeous twisted yarn, these versatile tights will go with all of your winter outfits!

A new take on this season’s spots trend.

These tights
go with everything - plain and simple!

Colourful polka dots
have the power to brighten any chilly day!