Sprout, sprout, I love you so
More than you will ever know.

Remembered for what happens after
Subject of jokes, fun and laughter.

Better than broccoli, nicer than roasties
You make my heart feel warm and toasty.

Make Christmas Day go off with a bang
A succulent sprout with a tasty tang.

Overcooked, you don’t taste great
Better tender, on my plate.

My emerald hero, my champion true
Everything I do, I do it for you.

Popped beside the turkey and stuffing
you taste delightful (I’m not bluffing).

Eat you hot or munch you cold
You’re fab both ways, truth be told.

I’ll melt some butter on your glistening brow
I can’t wait to eat you, I’ll tell you now.

You taste great with a smattering of berries
Or flambéed with a splash of sherry.

All I want for Christmas is you
This sprouty kind of love is true.

Above all that and all the rest
I love the way I toot the best.

Ode to a Sprout, White Stuff Christmas 2013

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