We’ve made five special ‘Style Resolutions’ for 2014 – we think there’s a good chance these will outlast some of our other good intentions (there’s only so much celery a person can eat, after all!). 

1. Dress up every day!
Spending more time on yourself is a resolution you’ll be thankful for all year. Take time to dress up in the morning and you’ll feel great. 

2. Be bolder with colour
Bright is beautiful, especially when it’s grey outside! Don’t be afraid to try something new.

3. Get moving
‘Healthy body, happy mind’ is our motto for 2014. Some new workout clothes will make you look and feel good; the perfect way to get motivated for a healthy year ahead!

4. Mix prints
We love our new prints and think they look best clashed with each other! Give it a try – the New Year is the perfect time to experiment.

5. Tighten your belt
A new belt is an inexpensive way of updating an outfit and creating shape.