We love scarves! Tied, wrapped or draped, they’re great for accessorising. Our Keiko Bird Scarf is the perfect way to add a shot of colour and pattern to any outfit. Here are six exciting new ways to style it.

1. The Single Wrap


One of the easiest ways to wear a scarf; just wrap it around your neck once and let the ends fall in front of your shoulders. This looks great if your scarf has tassels.


2.The Snood



Based on the popular circular snoods, this is an easy way to turn a scarf into something similar. Tie the two ends of your scarf together to make a circle, and then loop it twice around your neck, ensuring the tied ends are tucked in at the nape.
If you have a square-shaped scarf, this look can also be achieved by folding the scarf diagonally in half into a triangle, and in half again to create a long, thin shape; just knot the ends as you would a rectangular scarf.
3. The Wrapped Bun


Scarves can look great in your hair as well. If you have longer hair, pull it back into a bun (for a more relaxed style, make the bun a little messy). Then wrap the scarf twice around the bun, tying a single knot at the bottom, allowing the scarf to fall into two ‘tails’ down your back.
The longer the scarf, the more times you can wrap it around the bun, the longer your tails will be; your choice. This will add a flash of colour when seen from the front, but the real interest will be a surprise at the back!
4. The Loop


Another easy one;  fold your scarf in half length-ways around your neck and pass the two ends through the loop. This looks great with a smarter jacket. 

5. The Shoulder Drape



Lay the scarf around your neck, and let the ends hang down over your shoulders, leaving one end a little longer than the other and keeping the scarf spread out.  Take the longer end and throw it over the opposite shoulder towards the back, arranging the resulting drapes and folds to suit.

This is a nice way of keeping the evening chill off when you’re wearing a summer dress and it works especially well with larger-sized scarves.  Our Tinker Tassel Scarf from the new So Glad and Very range would also work well for  this style.
6. The Side Knot


For a bohemian summer look, lay the scarf horizontally over your head like a headband, leaving some of your hair in front. Tie the scarf around your head, using a double knot next to your earand allow the ends to fall forward over your shoulder.

This works with any length of hair. For very silky hair, bobby pins can be used to help keep the scarf in place at the back of your neck.
How will you be wearing your scarves this summer?

(A special thanks to our lovely model Alice!)