For Valentine's Day last year, you might remember a little competition called 'Come Spoon with Us'. We offered you the chance to customise a wooden 'love spoon', photograph it and give it to the one you love. Emma Stone was the lucky winner, and she wrote to us to tell us all about her fab prize. 

Not too long ago, I was sitting on a boat just off Hayling Island, sipping a glass of Champagne and looking in wonder at a dozen seals on the coast, a few of which were sliding on their tummies back into the sea. I was relaxed and watching some incredible British wildlife. This will be a moment in my life I’ll never forget, and I’ll always be thankful to the fabulous people at White Stuff for organising this romantic cruise as one of their competition prizes.

The competition in question was one aimed for Valentine’s Day (Come Spoon with Us), which was to create a romantic design onto a wooden spoon, taken from the Welsh tradition of giving a wooden spoon to a loved one. I was actually due to have surgery early February and when I was at home and recovering, I took a spare wooden spoon from the kitchen and painted the whole thing red (it was the first colour that came to mind for Valentine’s Day!) I wasn’t quite sure what design I was going for to begin with, but when I took a tube of white acrylic, I painted little designs and patterns I found romantic. Painting the spoon was the perfect distraction to getting back on my feet!

When I submitted my spoon to the White Stuff Facebook page, I never thought I had a chance of winning. I often looked through the album and saw some really amazing and clever ideas from other entrants. The first thing I saw on the day the winning spoon was announced was a notification that I’d received a Direct Message that said I should check the White Stuff page. When I checked there was the latest post, declaring me as the winner with my spoon as the picture. I was very excited and knew my fiancé and I needed a nice break so it was perfect timing.

Hayling Island was fabulous – the surrounding area of The Langstone Hotel was quiet and was right opposite the marina. My fiancé and I spent the first afternoon exploring the surrounding harbour, and relaxed in the hotel eating lovely food until the following day - where we had our main prize of the picnic boat trip for two! The scenery was stunning and the lovely picnic that was created for us was delicious. Our skipper was very accommodating and was more than willing to tell us everything about the surrounding area – we always felt at ease and enjoyed every second. We weren’t expecting to see seals on the cruise and this was definitely one of the highlights.

I’m a self confessed fan of the White Stuff brand. Some who know me may call it a little obsessive; I’d say it’s good taste! I am so thankful to everyone at White Stuff, Virgin Experience Days and Victor at MCP Marine for making this break a really wonderful experience.

It ticked all the boxes for us - we’re even planning on going back in the future!

The winning entry!

Wonder how its sea legs fared...

Food envy!