We asked you to vote and say whether you thought sprouts were ‘here to stay’ or ‘gone with the wind’.
Sprout fever swept the nation and a whopping 75% of you voted sprouts ‘Here to Stay’! It seems the majority of White Stuff fans will be tucking into a plateful of green goodness on the 25th.

Thanks to everyone who voted. The winner of our Brussels competition will be announced in the New Year so stay tuned!
In the meantime, here are some more interesting facts from our Sprout-O-Meter poll:

The passion for sprouts was shared equally between men and women

Turns out only 70% of Londoners like sprouts (close quarters? Urban warming?)

88% of people living in the Channel Islands voted ‘yes’ to sprouts.

The further north you go in Britain, the more people like sprouts.  Lymington is the exception to this with its passionate 81% in favour of our green heroes.

Spare a thought for ladies from the capital heading north for Christmas.

28% of London lasses hate sprouts but 84% of North Eastern men voted for the veg. They might get blown away by the welcome up north!

80% of our international voters loved sprouts.