Phew, what a year! We managed to pack a fair amount of fun into it and raised over £100,000 for the White Stuff Foundation. Now we’re getting ready for 2013 and are looking forward to taking you along for the ride. For now, here are a few of our 2012 highlights.

January – Our UHT (Udderly Hot Tottie) competition launched and the hunt to find Britain’s loveliest blokes (to star in our charity calendar) began.

February – Our annual ‘Biggest Tosser’ competition took our Head Office and shops by storm on Pancake Day. Graphic Designer Ruth won the competition at Casa del White Stuff with an impressive 97 tosses per minute. The office dogs celebrated by eating more pancake off cuts than they’d had in their wildest doggie dreams. We had a bit of a soppy moment and encouraged you to leave a ‘message in a bottle’ in our shop windows for Valentine’s Day.

March - The first of our 26 sky divers jumped out of a plane to raise funds for the White Stuff Foundation. All 26 of them returned safely to earth.

April –April showers hit our summer shoot in Brighton. Should have seen it coming really!


May – Our first ever UHT charity calendar went on sale, featuring the best men in Britain, as voted for by you.

June – The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was lovely. Our cucumber sandwiches got a bit soggy but we persevered for Ma’am (she was out all day on the boat, after all).  In the same month, our London to Paris cyclists pedaled furiously to raise funds for the White Stuff Foundation.

July – Olympic fever swept Britain and Emma from our Stratford shop was nominated to carry the Olympic torch. Beloved White Stuff veterans Ivy and Lil went along for support.

August – Our Edinburgh shop hosted Harry Hill’s art exhibition and the House of Fairy Tales for Edinburgh Art Festival. Our Ruddy Big Raffle raised a whopping £20k for the White Stuff Foundation.
September – September 27th marked the third annual National Wear a Tea Cosy on Your Head Day. Even more celebs were spotted with tea cosies on their heads – Jamie Oliver, Harry Hill, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen, Olympians Greg Rutherford and Luke Campbell and Paralympians Richard Whitehead and Will Bayley to name but a few! 

(Greg Rutherford and Richard Whitehead wear their cosies with pride)

A group of staff and customers trekked the three highest peaks of Yorkshire in 12 hours to raise funds for the White Stuff Foundation.

October – We hosted a Halloween pumpkin carving competition in our shops and head office. In other news, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner broke the speed of sound by doing a 24-mile freefall from the edge of space.   

November – Our Made for Change charity bags made a comeback – we want to smash last year’s total of 33k and 161 school scholarships.

December – Santa and/or his reindeer visited Edinburgh, Battersea, Nottingham, Kingston, Cheltenham and Cardiff. We asked you to sip Blue Nun and don a pair of antlers in our shops. At Christmastime, we made a dieting breakthrough in the office, finally understanding that if nobody sees the wrappers, Quality Street actually have negative calories. The increasing tightness of our waistbands is the only thing to dispel the theory. Speaking of expanding waistbands, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge announces she is with child. Some lovely White Stuff ladies tell us they’re expecting too.

(Three pregnant Creative ladies! Jo, Susan and Victoria)

The day after our Christmas party, Canterbury Court had a surprise visit from Hollywood star Gerard Butler. We asked him to judge our Christmas tree competition but he was too busy, sadly. Managed to get a photo and a smile though, and it made our year.

So what’s coming up for 2013? We don’t want to give too much away but… right royal babies, less royal babies, lots of fundraising, crafting, love spoons (don’t ask), and some very exciting new shop windows.

Keep in touch!