‘Tis the season for making merry and there are lots of parties on the horizon. Here’s our seasoned White Stuff guide to enjoying Christmas occasions safely and behaving ‘responsibly’.
Never do a provocative dance ‘at’ someone if their fancy dress costume hides their face - it may turn out to be your boss.
Keep your pets in a safe quiet place (there’s a fine line between ‘lovingly stroking’ and ‘drunkenly mauling’).
No ‘twerking’. Bit of ‘Gangnam Style’ is fine; it’s actually required if you’re a Director.
The ‘cereal box challenge always helps a party along. You’ll be amazed at the flexibility of even the most seemingly unfit.   
Know a hula-hooping expert? We do: Ketishia in Customer Care. If a guest has a unique skill, get them to teach the rest of the guests! Bonus points if it’s something really hard and physical like hula-hooping.
Stuck for something to do? Impromptu karaoke and apple bobbing are always good activities.
Avoid the glare of the camera phone and the blinking red lights of video cameras (the photos may be shown to a wider audience!).
Wear fancy dress or something sparkly.
Wear a mask to avoid embarrassment.
Don’t mix your drinks.
But if you do, have some hangover relief ready for when you invent a wine, vodka and orange juice cocktail. 

Avoid stealing the 'Welcome Hound'

Have fun!

Source an amazing DJ (thanks Web Team Jamie!)