Hilary is the founder of personal styling company ‘FrockChicks’. She is an experienced London-based stylist who loves helping people to enjoy dressing well. She came to Casa del White Stuff to teach us about dressing for our body shape. We couldn’t believe the results! Now we can’t help thinking things like “she’s a pear, he’s a strawberry” and “I must accentuate my shoulders more.”

You’ll make so much more of your wardrobe (and know what to buy next) simply by understanding your body shape.  Identify your body shape and learn more about what suits here.  

Hilary gave us some great tips and advice. She said,“Celebrate the fact that everyone’s different and make the most of what you’ve got.” 

We printed out some notes from the website to help us identify our body shape. 

Banisha from Property is the perfect hourglass. A 'squash'!

She looks great with her waist nipped in. 

“Face shape is also important when choosing clothes. If you have an angular face, add angles to a round neckline; a longline necklace is great for this.”

Ketisha from Customer Care tries a scarf tied in an angular way, but discovered she suits more rounded looks, so a looped scarf or snood, round necklines and rounded jewellery  will work best.

Olivia from Wholesale could pull off a round neckline...

...but she looked better in angles!

Angles worked best for Banisha too. 

“Wrap dresses suit Apples and Squashes beautifully.” Toni from I.T and Danielle from Customer Care would look great in this.

Hilary offers Kate from Accessories some advice on colour.

The muted polka dots on this jumper suit her perfectly!

Hilary helps Sally from the White Stuff Foundation find the perfect shade for her winter coat. 

“The ideal body shape for men is the ‘Mesomorph’ (Strawberry). Apple shapes are ‘Endomorphs’. In men, this means an undefined waistline and often sloping shoulders. Rob is a Mesomorph!”

This gilet is a great option for Rob from the web team.

This waistcoat looks pretty dapper too!

This floral shirt has definitely made it onto his shopping list!