Spring’s here and it’s promising to be shedloads of fun!

The promise of better weather and luscious green leaves is making us feel happy and rejuvenated. We’re come over all green fingered and are heading outside to nurture nature and celebrate the lovely allotment; a favourite place for Brits to come together and grow things since World War 1.

There’s nothing garden-variety about our new collections; spring offers a bright new colour palette with fresh prints and silhouettes. The perfect way to start 2014 in style. 

Our new spring magalogue is out and available to read online now.

The humble shed takes centre stage in our windows. The scene will develop across the season – see how it grows…

Our Explore section has had a make-over and there’s an exciting new competition to enter – you could win a trip to rural Canada!

Stay tuned to find out more about other exciting springtime happenings; we’ve lined up some potty romance for Valentine’s Day and there’s a lovely competition coming up for Mother’s Day too.

It's going to be a busy one - let’s get growing!