stylish stuff (body shape special with Frockchicks)
Body shape special with Frockchicks

Curvy, straight up and down, athletic or petite;
all bodies are beautiful, whatever their shape
or size. How dull the world would be if we all
looked the same.

The lovely Hilary Nicholls from FrockChicks
has some helpful advice to help you make the
best of your body shape.

Hilary is an experienced London-based stylist who
loves helping people to enjoy dressing well, by
learning about their bodies. She assures us there is
nothing scary or complicated about dressing
stylishly. A few simple tips and you'll be on your
way to loving your wardrobe, shopping smarter
and avoiding expensive mistakes!

Body shapes can be confusing, so Hilary has
simplified them with the FrockChicks 'Fruit
Salad'. "Fruit is great; everyone knows what a
strawberry or a kiwi looks like. Everyone loves
fruit and has their own favourites; hopefully this
guide to your fruit body shape will be simple and
help you make the most of what you've got!".

  • • Hourglass shape
  • • Shoulders and hips similar width
  • • Visibly nipped-in waist
  • • Any weight gain is
    evenly distributed
  • • Can be a 'full' or 'neat' hourglass
  • • Round shape
  • • Most weight carried above
    and around the waist
  • • No obviously defined waistline
  • • Likely to have great legs!
  • • Triangle shaped
  • • Narrow shoulders with larger hips
  • • Any weight gain focussed to
    the lower half of the body
  • • Small, often longer waist
  • • Smaller bust
  • • Long, lean column-shaped
  • • Often long-legged, tall and
    skinny; think catwalk model!
  • • Similar waist, hip and
    chest measurements
  • • Rectangle shape (not as tall or
    long-legged as Rhubarb)
  • • Shoulders and hips are
    similar width
  • • Undefined waist (straight up
    and down figure)
  • • Inverted triangle shape
  • • Broad shouldered, athletic build
  • • Larger upper half of the body
  • • Smaller bottom half
    with narrower hips

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