our teams top 5 travel destinations

Natalia Joachim, Customer Service Advisor

Where you went:

A Canada to California cruise.

When you went:

October 2012 for two weeks.

What you saw:

The Golden Gate Bridge, sea lions, lots of huge malls,
lovely ocean views, sunrise and sunset from my room, a Hollywood actor
stuntman (who happened to be our cruise director!), shows on the ship,
an amazing buffet; swans, the Statue of Liberty carved out of ice and a
white and dark chocolate fountain to dip marshmallows in.

Funniest thing you heard/saw:

A dancing dolphin who greeted me off the ship at San Francisco.

Your favourite thing about the holiday:

Being on the ocean and seeing California.

Favourite thing you did/saw:

Driving a car around San Diego with some friends after the cruise.

Where you stayed (if you recommend it):

Sheraton Delfina, a hotel in San Diego and on the ship; Celebrity X Cruises.

What would you do if you went back?

Stay in California!

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