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Ethical Trading Initiative - Respect for workers worldwide

We're dependable sorts here at White Stuff, taking our commitment to our customers, our staff, local charities, communities, suppliers and the world around us very seriously indeed. That doesn't mean being serious all the time though; we have a lot of fun in our quest to be the very best we can be.

The life and soul
of White Stuff

At White Stuff, brilliant people are what make us tick. But our family tree doesn't just include the lovely folk in our shops, Head Office and Distribution Centre - it also extends to our customers, charities, local communities and suppliers.


Our very own

In 2010 we turned 25, and to celebrate we set up The White Stuff Foundation: a White Stuff charity that now helps and supports over 100 local communities.

Each of our shops partners with a local charity, which we support through grants from the Foundation and donations raised by our team and customers. Each year we give at least 1% of our profits to charity through the White Stuff Foundation.


Without our suppliers we wouldn't really have a business. That's why we work closely with them and pledge to support them as our business grows. As well as helping us make beautiful clothes, they're always the first to jump on-board our charity initiatives. The Made for Change campaign is just one way we've teamed up with a supplier to make a difference - working together to support the education of children in India.

Find out more here

Donating time

Time is also precious and volunteering is a truly valuable gift. That's why everyone at White Stuff is given two days off a year to spend time doing something useful in their local community. As long as it's for the greater good, it's alright with us.

Caring is a
group activity

You may have guessed already, but we're a pretty sociable bunch. And if we can raise money for charity while socialising and having fun, we're all for it. We run cake baking, pancake tossing and Christmas decorating competitions; we host everything from book clubs to pilates - and we love an excuse to don fancy dress.

Respectful residents
of Planet Earth

We think our world is pretty spectacular.
That's why we aim to protect it, and give something back whenever we can.

We encourage our staff to use public transport, or cycle to get to work, offering interest-free season ticket loans and a 'cycle to work' scheme as incentives. We also buy loads of reclaimed furniture and furnishings for our shops - and we think they look better for it too.

Ethical Sourcing

We are a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative
- an organisation that brings together retailers and other organisations to share learnings, join projects and work closely on supply chain initiatives. The result is meaningful improvements for the people who work in the factories that make our product.

We commit to doing business in a certain way by:

  • Demonstrating a clear commitment to
    ethical trade
  • Integrating ethical trade into our core
    business practices
  • Driving year-on-year improvements to
    working conditions
  • Supporting suppliers to improve
    working conditions

We have a dedicated Ethical Sourcing team whose job is to ensure the integrity of our supply chain. Their activities include awareness training for internal teams, workshops with suppliers, direct communication with workers about their rights and regular committee meetings with the Board of Directors.

We also like to think outside the box, and dream up creative ways to support our workers and their families. Our 'eureka' moment came when we decided to use our surplus end-of-roll fabric to make lovely shopper bags and bunting kits. These Made for Change products have been sold in shops and online to raise money for children's scholarships in India. Since 2012, we've helped to create over 673 scholarships and we hope to fund many, many more.

Every supplier who joins the White Stuff family is required to commit to our Ethical Code of Conduct.

Our code covers eight areas:

  • General principle
  • Non discrimination
  • Forced labour
  • Child labour
  • Wages and hours
  • Working conditions
  • Environment
  • Freedom of association

We check compliance regularly through our auditing programme and work closely with factories to make sure they fully understand ethical trading and how to achieve best practice.

We are really proud to let you know we have:

  • A team of dedicated and specially trained ethical auditors who audit in all 14 countries that we source our clothing, footwear and accessories
  • Checked the working conditions of 60,000 workers
  • Identified and resolved over 1500 issues found in the factories
  • Taken our first steps to show our commitment to the Modern Slavery Act

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