our teams top 5 travel destinations

Jamie Cotton, Website Manager

Where you went:


When you went:

October 2012.

What you saw:

Temples, rice fields, beaches, sunloungers and more beaches.

Funniest thing you heard/saw:

Going to Bali Zoo, where a huge orangutan picked up a lump of earth
and threw it at me, cracking my tooth. It turned out to be the most
expensive zoo visit ever.

Favourite thing you did/saw:

The rice fields are an amazing feat of engineering.
Great for photographs too!

Where you stayed (if you recommend it):

I stayed in Sanur, one of the quieter areas, not great if you
want to party 24/7, but nice if you want to relax.

What would you do if you went back?

Visit some of the surrounding islands and have a few more massages
(dirt cheap and thoroughly relaxing). Can I go back now?

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