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We were chatting to the boss (George Treves) the other day, and found out
that he collects razor blades! We always knew he was pretty sharp...


This sparked a journey of discovery; turns out there are definitely more
hoarders than minimalists here at White Stuff. We also came across this
website - their collections make ours look relatively normal. What do you
collect? Show us on our Pinterest page or Facebook!

Grace (Senior Merchandising Assistant)

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When did you start collecting?
When I came to London around six
years ago.

What made you start?
I wanted to remember each city/country
I visited with a magnet. I would
choose a magnet which represented
the trip.

What do you like about your

Jamie's 7 hour meals


They remind me of all the amazing
places I've been fortunate enough
to travel to.

Do you collect anything else?
I collect a postcard from every
city I visit too.

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the collectors