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We put our new collection to the test, in Spain.
It was tough, but someone had to do it.

We're big on holidays here at White Stuff. But yoga retreats? We needed some convincing.
That all changed when we heard about Destination Yoga. Part of the Healthy Holiday Company,
these bespoke retreats were founded in 2003 by Kathryn Brierley, a former banker who wanted a healthy
holiday which combined brilliant instruction, beautiful locations and wholesome, hearty food.

So, keen to try out our new Active Stuff collection, we took the new range to Finca Paridso in Murcia - a remote,
family-owned eco-retreat sat amidst four acres of tranquil Spanish gardens - for a week of yoga, sunshine and
good company. One Active Stuff collection packed in our suitcase and we're feeling suitably chilled, here's why...


Kicking off the day at the surprisingly civilised time of 8.30am, one restful night's sleep behind
us it's time to put us through our paces. Laura Gilmore, who has worked with Destination Yoga
for the last four years, dedicated two hours to focusing our minds and warming up our bodies.

It's quite powerful to be able to do
yoga for four hours a day for week.

Most people's lives are so busy,
so just to be able to have that that
spaciousness is brilliant.

Laura Gilmore


By mid-morning a well-deserved breakfast was on the cards
(as was a change of outfit). With an incredible spread on offer,
we were able to choose from yogurt, cereal, fruit and pastries,
as well as piping hot scrambled eggs, asparagus and mushrooms
(we had a bit of everything, if case you're wondering).

After breakfast, we were free to do our own thing, which for us
involved lazing in the sun, getting stuck into a good book
and taking a dip in the pool.


Lunchtime. Spanish tortillas, Mediterranean salads and an
array of flavoursome vegetable dishes. Well, when in Spain.

In the afternoon, we were free to relax again, and we
choose to take a look around the stunning grounds.
Discovering hammocks, yurts and all manner of plants and
wildlife, we had ourselves quite an adventure.


Back in our Active Stuff gear for two hours of restorative yoga. The afternoon session provided time to ease
and release our bodies, and to centre our minds with mindfulness, breath and meditation practices. We worked
deeply into trouble spots, with exercises adapted for individual needs. Tightness in the shoulders was our bugbear,
and, thanks to Laura's focused teaching, we soon felt a welcome release.


Bedtime and a well-deserved rest.

The next five days flowed by in a steady rhythm of morning
yoga, lounging by the pool, exploring the magical gardens of
La Finca Paradiso, delicious meals and the odd glass of wine for
good measure. On the Sunday we went on a trip to the local
town, stopping off for lunch before exploring the nearby beach.

Two yoga sessions a day was just right - the perfect
mix of meditation, exercise and indulgent relaxation.
The best part was that we came away feeling as though we'd
had an enjoyable holiday, as well as a health retreat
- there was no need to forgo one for the other.

For more information on Destination Yoga, visit: destinationyoga.co.uk

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