Known by some as 'Postershire' there is a heavy influence of south
of eastern dialect in the Cotswolds nowadays, thanks to the residents
from London. However many true locals speak with a heavy
Gloucestershire accent which is delightfully and rurally British.

Just a phrase

Time for a comeback? We’re bored of 'Selfie', 'Google
it' and 'Totes amaze'. Could some of these phrases &
words from the 17th century Cotswolds re-emerge?

– used to describe the noise made by
the clicking of ill-fitting false teeth.

'As drunk as a bobhowler'
– a phrase from the Vale of Evesham.
A ‘Bobhowler’ is a type of beetle.

– refers to the internal rumbling
arising out of an upset stomach.

– applied to a cyclist free-wheeling
at speed down a hill.

– tramping through mud
or melting snow.

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