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Scotland's historic capital city attracts millions of visitors every year, looking for culture, history and arts. And it doesn't disappoint! You'll discover local craft and creativity, art and innovation everywhere you turn.

For cheese lovers and chutney enthusiasts, the St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company is a dairy lover's dream, set in the Fife countryside. Visitors can watch the cheese making process from the special viewing gallery, learn all about the making of the farm's Anster cheese, and have lunch in the on-site coffee shop and enjoy fresh coffee, home baking and the stunning views over the Firth of Forth.

Dovecot Studios

Founded in 1912, Scotland's oldest tapestry studio now stands in a beautifully renovated Victorian swimming pool in the heart of Edinburgh. Take a visit to the tapestry
studio,and look out for exhibitions, shopping and events.

Jane Stewart makes cheeses to a traditional recipe using unpasteurised milk from her husband Robert’s herd of home-bred Holstein Friesian cows.

WS: What kinds of cheeses are made here?
JS: We make three cheeses; the Anster, which is fresh and dry, with an almost crumbly texture; the Red Anster which contains locally-grown fresh garlic and herbs; the St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar, which is nine months matured.
WS: Do you eat a lot of cheese?
JS: We do eat a fair bit here, but not as much as you'd think! We probably eat a normal amount to the rest of the country.
WS: Tell us about all the goings-on at the Farmhouse?
JS: Well, our viewing gallery allows you to really see how the cheese is made, so we find that visitors really spend a lot of time watching the processes (kids love it too and we have school groups coming in as well). You can then try out some cheese in the coffee shop, along with our locally-sourced menu and gift shop. We are strong supporters of local produce, like our salmon,
chutneys, oat cakes and honeys and we sell other local cheeses along with our own.

The Adam Pottery

Go west to Stockbridge for hideaway independent galleries and shops including The Adam Pottery, a contemporary and traditional ceramics studio and gallery, which showcases the work of six independent ceramic artists and potters.

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