How Do You Edinburgh Dialect?DialectEdinburgh DialectEdinburgh Dialect

The East Coast and West Coast dialects of Scotland are so very different, even dolphins have different 'accents' on the different coasts! But with our handy guide, you'll be able to understand the locals and join in the conversation.

Words to learn...

Barry – Good/fantastic, e.g. “it’s a bay wee place here”

Deek – Look, e.g. “Let’s have a deek around”

Likesay - You know. Can be added onto the end of any statement, e.g. “That was a great sandwich, likesay”

Scoobied - Clueless, e.g. "I don't know the way. I'm scoobied"

Auld – Old, e.g. “That building is auld”

Embra – Edinburgh. Make like a local and use this abbreviation.

Clatty – Dirty, e.g. “My shirt’s rather clatty”

Hoachin – Full, e.g. “The town's absolutely hoachin today”

Ya dancer – That’s great – fist pump optional

Coupon – Face, e.g. “Shuddupaya-coupon”

Bahookie – Bum, e.g. “oops, I slipped and feel on my bahookie”

Pure – Really, e.g. “That’s pure amazin’”

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