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Go Grün

We're big fans of bringing the outdoors in at White Stuff and this season we're not just talking
about our prints. Our friends at London florists Grace & Thorn show us exactly how to create
an instant green fix terrarium in five easy steps.

Step By Step Guide


  • Vessel of choice
  • Small grey stones/gravel
  • Cactus soil
  • Large pebbles/stones
  • Moss
  • Pieces of wood
  • Chopstick
  • Spoon

Step 1

Start by choosing your glass vessel. This can be anything from a geometric, purpose built terrarium, fishbowl, vase or even an old Kilner or jam jar.

    • Step 2

      Fill the bottom of your vessel with the small grey stones or gravel (we use aquarium stones which can be purchased online). This helps shape and landscapes your mini garden and acts as your drainage system to prevent the roots of the plants from going
      soggy and rotting.
    • Step 3

      Add a layer of soil, we recommend using cactus soil when using cacti and succulents as it allows the soil to drain more efficiently without retaining too much water. The layering of the soil does not need to be perfect, as creating mounds and hills will create shape and interest, just like any natural landscape.
    • Step 4

      Choose a selection of cacti and succulents and be varied in your choices, as you do not want to end up with plants all at the same height. Seek out different colours and textures that will add something unique to your terrarium. Think of them as big trees, where little plants would sit underneath. Make holes in the soil and break down the roots of each individual plant making sure not to have them 'popping' out as you want them well planted. Chopsticks help to push the plants into place as large fingers can be quite clumsy!
    • Step 5

      Finally introduce layers to your terrarium by using smooth pebbles, bits of wood and moss. You can even add more gravel and small stones to create another layer. Be delicate and remember everything is in miniature form so don't use large pieces that detract from the refined beauty.

Et voila!! Your very own urban garden.
Share your creations with us #WeedsAndWonders

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