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n the North, especially Manchester, there are strict rules about meal time
lingo, and if you don't know your onions, you could be drinking tea at
midnight and spotted dick for breakfast. Luckily we've broken it down for
you below into a compact compendium.

This is always the same. Thank heavens. 'Brekkie'
is the slang term, but the word 'breakfast' is most
commonly used.

This is often called 'dinner'. If someone asks you
'what are you having for dinner?' this usually
means 'What are you having for lunch?' Madness,
perhaps, but then again it is Dinner Ladies that
dish up our food at school. However if you're
invited to a Dinner Party, expect to go in the evening.

An evening meal is called 'tea'
(yes like the drink). So if
someone asks 'what are you
having for tea?' they actually
mean 'what are you having for

A little bit posh, supper' may well be dinner
(or tea) but is often referring to a snack before
bedtime. Ovaltine and a biscuit are common.

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