Record Shops off the beaten track

‘Eastern Bloc’, an independent record shop and
café on Stevenson Street in the Northern
Quarter. It opened in 1985 and houses vinyl,
T-shirts and coffee – a melodious combo! You
won’t hear the usual shoegazing tunes in here.
This place is all about the best new electronica,
jungle, drum n bass, reggae, funk, soul and hip hop.

Store manager Jim’s quick Q & A

White Stuff: Jim, you sell dance music, reggae
and hip hop…but isn’t Manchester known for
indie rock?

Jim: Not really! It’s known for electronica as
much as it is for indie. The warehouse scene and
acid house movement started here and bands
like New Order fused the two styles together

WS: What’s your best year for music?

Jim: 1993-94 – I love drum and bass, and jungle
music was HUGE then and A Tribe Called Quest
were having their moment too.

WS: Why is coming to Eastern Bloc better than
downloading music?

Jim: You can come in and feel the vinyl in your
hands! There’s nothing like it. And you’ll hear
great new electronica tracks in the store; we’re
here to keep it alive and sell good music.

WS: Thanks, we are off to practice our jungle

Get your groove on…

Beatin’ Rhythm – Northern Soul, funk and rare
groove on Tib Street in the Northern Quarter.

hat is it about the city that
produced legends like The
Smiths, The Stone Roses and
Oasis (apart from that dodgy
album) that makes the music so darn good?

Like Seattle and Glasgow, boy does it rain a lot.
One theory is lots of time inside, gloomy
weather, and the need to self-entertain has
fuelled these music-makers.

Unemployment and factory closures in the 1980s
created a generation of angry young men who
picked up a guitar. The angst has spread all the
way to the present day, apparently.

The Hacienda
The former Casino opened in 1982 and went on
to create ‘Madchester’ and produce a generation
of Bez-a-likes.

Did you know?
Madonna played at The Hacienda in 1984

The Bee Gees spent 25 of 32 consecutive weeks at
the top of the Billboard charts, a record never to
be repeated.

The Stone Roses’ original name was The Patrol,
and Oasis’ was The Rain.

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