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Along with successful Scottish sports like rugby, curling and tennis, thanks to modern grand slam champ, Scotland can be proud of its not-so-conventional sports too.

Is it a real sport? What are the rules? When did it all begin? Gosh, the history of Haggis Hurling has, at times, been more controversial than John McEnroe's line calls. Luckily we have investigated and can set the record straight. Basically, Haggis Hurling is a very recent invention, made up in 1977 by Robin Dunseath, then president of the World Haggis Hurling Association.

Starting as a practical joke, it was later used to raise funds for charity at the Highland games. It's now a professional sport, played all over the world. The rules are (pay attention, now) that a haggis must be thrown as far as possible and MUST remain edible on landing. Got it? If you think you can give it a go, you'd need to beat the current World Record set at 217 feet by Lorne Coltart at the Milngavie Highland Games in 2011.

Look out for Haggis Hurling contests all around Scotland, often to raise money for charity and usually taking place around Burns Night.

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