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Playing With

Weeds, dandelions, a shoelace or two:
this is how the artist behind our cover shoot does Spring.
It's about celebrating the new season with a twist - and it's just what the doctor ordered.

'People get a kick out of seeing everyday items used in fun and unique ways that they wouldn't normally expect,' Becca Clason tells us as we settle down to chat about what inspired her to create this season's Weeds and Wonders magalogue cover.

'One big reason is that it's so accessible and universal' Becca Clason, Lettering Artist and Designer, to use her full job title, knows a thing or two about playing with food to tell a story. World famous for creating her version of tactile typography, she started her career in graphic design and advertising before realising that
behind every font was a hand-drawn letter.

Until I became aware of lettering,
I thought that all designed
letters were font-based.

About a year ago she finally stepped away from her computer and never looked back.

'I didn't understand that many of the creative lettering designs I saw had been first created by hand.'

For our Weeds and Wonders cover, we challenged her to put her creativity into action and create a joyous celebration of Spring, picking out all the ugly, boring things that people don't typically pay any attention to, and make them beautiful again.

'This project was something different to those I've worked on before,' she admits. 'I wanted to counter preconceptions by showing weeds in a beautiful way that someone couldn't help but admire.' Taking it back to nature is what this season is all about, so naturally foraging in her own back yard was what was required.

Food is just so accessible and universal

'Plants don't look pretty for very long once they're out of the ground, unless they're in water, so I had to be very quick about it to avoid wilting,' she tells us of her back-to-basics approach. 'I also have more flexibility when the items are small and can be used in multiple ways to form lettering.'

But it's not all about work. When you're foraging around your neighourhood for inspiration there's a pretty good chance you're likely to discover the unknown.
'I noticed flowering weeds that I'd never even seen before, simply because I was looking for them. It's important for me to always be on the lookout to see things that I might not otherwise notice,' she adds - a girl after our own hearts. Why food? Well, why not? As we talk it's clear that countering preconceptions is what drives Clason's work. The balance between colour, size and contrast aren't just a narrative for her typography, but her approach to the new season.

When I first started creating tactile
typography, I did it using vegetables and
leaves from my garden as well as a lot of
flowers. But once winter came, I had to stay
indoors, and so I practiced with food
instead and was hooked.

'The change in season brings a whole new energy along with new fruits and vegetables and flowers that are in season, which of course means new materials for me to work with.' For someone so close to food, we couldn't help but ask which recipes she'd be laying down for the new season - a true professional, she couldn't reveal her favourites (we assume it's like picking your favourite child) but one thing's for sure, she won't be letting the new season pass her by. 'For me Spring is about feeling re-energized. All that warm weather and the longer days, you just want to go out and discover every new wonder the new season brings.'
Sounds like a good plan to us.

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