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5 ways to get back to
nature this Easter

In between stuffing our faces with Easter eggs, there's nothing we
love more than getting back to nature. Thankfully nature-lover Anna
Carlile knows a thing or two about slowing down and letting go.

Taking a healthy dose of inspiration from
her book, 365 Nature: Projects to connect
you with nature every day, we're going
back to basics with five ideas for Spring.
The great outdoors is waiting...

365 Nature by Anna Carlile (Hardie Grant, £25.00)

Hail the honey bee

Bees do more than make honey, they are prolific pollinators, which means they're vital to all life on Earth. To support our bee population, why not buy local honey and grow a bee-friendly garden? You could even go one step further and host hives or even keep your own bees.


Bees favour flowers that are
yellow, purple or blue, so plant
forget-me-nots, lavender, catmint,
salvia, phacelia and nasturtiums. Bee-friendly herbs include basil, thyme,
sage, rocket, borage, chives, garlic
chives and coriander.

"In short, all good
things are wild
and free."

Henry David Thoreau, Walking

Climb a tree

When was the last time you did this?
Even climbing up to a low branch can give you
a rush of joy and accomplishment as an adult.
Connecting with nature in this way is a great
way of awakening your inner child.
And will inspire awe in your actual children.

Watch the sunrise

Early March is the perfect time to watch
the sun come up, mainly because you don't
have to get up too early. Have a look at
timeanddate.com for a full list of sunrise
times for the year.


Don't forget that
British Summertime
starts on the
27th March.

Make a swing

And we don't mean for kids. EVERYONE
enjoys the feeling of the wind in their hair.
All you need is a board, a drill, some
rope, and a good sturdy branch. .

Find your happy place

A 'sit spot' is somewhere outdoors
where you can regularly go and just sit.
While you're there, open your senses.
Look, listen, feel, smell and even taste the
natural world as it unfolds all around you.
Stop, take it all in and then continue
with your day.


Choose a spot (a rock, a park bench, a pretty corner of your garden) that's no more than 2 minutes from your home so you can get to it quickly and spontaneously.

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