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The birthplace of composer Benjamin Britten, synth legend Brian Eno and death metal enthusiasts Cradle of Filth, Suffolk has a distinctly eclectic musical history like no other. We've mingled with the best musical talent of Suffolk to bring you our melodic musings.

In the pretty-as-a-picture market town of Woodbridge, we scoured the cobbled streets and discovered the musical treasure trove that is Woodbridge Violins. Owner Russell Stowe opened his doors over 20 years ago and has been repairing, restoring and selling violins and cellos to local musicians and budding violinists ever since.


WS: What’s the best part about being a restorer?
WV: Working on broken violins to restore them to their former glory, and returning them to their happy owners.

WS: Can you recommend local musical highlights to White Stuff customers visiting Suffolk?
WV: Go see the Wolsey Orchestra, they're a superb symphony orchestra and they play all over Suffolk. And the Trianon Orchestra & Choir are great too!

White Stuff: How many violins do you have here?
WV: We have between 500-700 violins for sale at any time, as well as violas and cellos.
WS: And what’s the most expensive one?
WV: We sell violins for as much as £20,000 but I've seen some worth one million pounds! There really is no limit to what a violin could sell for, and it is in fact a very sound investment. (Prices start at a modest £100 for non-millionaire types)


Founded in 1948 by Benjamin Britten, Suffolk’s music festival runs all year round and caters for all tastes, with classical, jazz, roots, reggae, plus it features comedy and literature too.


The Brazillian-themed family arts festival is bursting with South American music, dance, food and art from 3-5 October. Where else can you learn the 'Maracatu' carnival dance, create your own toucan, or become a Brazilian bandit?


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