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Scotland's home-grown musical history is rich and varied, and has influenced the rest of the world for centuries. From traditional and distinctively Scottish bagpipers, to internationally successful bands like Wet, Wet, Wet, Simple Minds and, let's not forget the brilliant bespectacled twin brothers, The Proclaimers music & sounds around.

We met Andrew Suitor, the former Pipe Major of the City of St Andrews Pipe Band. In their traditional workshop, Andrew and Duncan (his son, and boss) make pipes for bagpipers all over the world, including the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina, USA.

Running in the summer months, it is the longest running jazz festival in the UK, attracting an
average of 50,000 people each year.

WS: How long does it take to make a bagpipe?
AS: It takes us around 14 hours to make. All the parts are hand-crafted, and there are 13 stages just in making the reed alone. We custom make bagpipes for pipers all over the world!
WS: How many bagpipes do you make?
AS: We make around 100 per year, and there is still plenty of demand (there are around 15 pipe makers in Scotland alone) and we go out to the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina each year to celebrate Scottish clans and traditional music and dancing.
WS: What should we know about the history of bagpiping?
AS: Bagpipers lead the Scottish regiments to battle in the First World War, and sadly around 1,000 pipers were killed.

The event is a showcase of brilliant harpists playing at various concerts, plus you can find a host of workshops and exhibitions celebrating the harp.

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