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White Stuff's November Book Club
with Penguin Books

Welcome back book worms! Here's the second chapter of our monthly Book Club.
We're thrilled to be back with another great title for you to get into and hopefully
recommend to your friends.

Once again, Penguin books have recommended a cracking book that's definitely got
our interest piqued.

Once you've devoured this month's read, we'd love you to join our discussion on our
social channels, using #WSBookworms. As an added incentive, we're offering a book
bundle for the best comment, so don't be shy.

So without further ado, here's this month's title:

Charlotte Brontë: A Life

Claire Harman

Raised motherless on remote Yorkshire moors, watching
five beloved siblings sicken and die, haunted by unrequited
love: Charlotte Brontë's life has all the drama and tragedy of
the great Gothic novels it inspired. Charlotte was a literary
visionary, a feminist trailblazer and the driving force behind
the whole Brontë family. She pushed Emily to publish
Wuthering Heights and took charge of their precarious
finances when her feckless brother turned to opium.
In Jane Eyre she introduced the world to a brand new kind
of heroine, modelled on herself: quiet but fiercely
intelligent, burning with passion and potential.

This is the definitive biography of one of
Britain's best loved writers.

Join the debate
to win!

At the end of the month, we'll be choosing our favourite comment - and the lucky winner will receive the entire Penguin By Hand collection, courtesy of Penguin Books.

Charlotte Brontë: A Life is part of the Penguin By Hand collection. The Penguin by Hand series are exquisitely designed paperbacks all with beautiful craft-inspired jackets - from embroidery to paper cuts to crochet, they are almost too beautiful to shelve!

Penguin say:

"Creating anything (except a mess) without the use of opposable thumbs is tricky for us Penguins, so we're extra impressed with the crafty makeovers some of our best-loved stories have been given for the new Penguin by Hand series.

"Six of the best designers and makers in the business have reimagined the covers of The Forty Rules of Love, The Help, The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, and many more using such mediums as wood-burning and quilting."

Did you know we also have book clubs in our Edinburgh, Battersea, St Albans, Norwich, Cardiff shops? Do swing by if you find yourself in the area!

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