our teams top 5 travel destinations

Bianca Pal, Creative Copywriter

Where you went:

Santa Maria di Castellabate, southern Italy

When you went:

Almost every year since I was five years old.

What you saw:

Beautiful sunny beaches, amazing looking people
and delicious looking food! I did a day trip to Naples last
year but I prefer the sea.

Funniest thing you heard/saw:

The driving is pretty funny/terrifying; mainly terrifying!

Your favourite thing about the holiday:

Definitely the food, you can’t beat it in my opinion; the ingredients
are divine. I always have Mozzarella di Bufala with torn,
fresh basil (our greengrocer gives you clumps of fresh herbs
and a drizzle of olive oil.

choose a destination2. Bali go home >1. Argentina3. Croatia4. Canada and America

Favourite thing you did/saw:

After dinner (pizza or pasta for unbelievably good value)
at Da Giovanna, you grit your teeth and drive
up the mountain. It’s worth the trip for the astounding view.

Where you stayed (if you recommend it):

My Mum and Dad's place, near the sea. They rent it out,
so you can stay there too! We also like going for cocktails
at Le Gatte, a bar by the beach.

What would you do if you went back?

I might go to Paestum to
see the ancient ruins again and sip an Aperol Spritzer in an
alternative location! Quite fancy a trip to Capri too - the
shopping is excellent!