Lil: I don't get annoyed at holidays. Do you, Ivy?
Ivy: I suppose the worst thing about holidays is the travelling, isn't it?
But once you're there, that's it...
Lil: That was a long way though, wasn't it, to South Africa?
Ivy: Yeah, but I mean to any holiday.
Lil: Usually it's only a couple of hours to Spain or any of those places.
But I don't get annoyed at holidays...I'm on my holidays, aren't I?

Lil: I guess you have to save up to go, there's
that. But apart from that...we just go!

Both: Yes.
Lil: But I'd wait ‘til the summer, its cold round our coast. You go
up to the north and it's freezing, down south it's always raining.
Ivy: But we're not fussy!

Lil: Shorts. We put shorts on; where we go, nobody knows us,
so it doesn't matter, does it? Because we're not pretty in shorts!
And some tops, don't we Ivy?
Ivy: Yes.
Lil: And a pair of sunglasses...and a couple of swimsuits!
We do go in the water.
Ivy: And a decent dress for when you go out at night.
Lil: We're not very pretty in swimsuits, so we like to get
in the water quick.

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