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Bianca(Creative Copywriter)

When did you start collecting?
I've been collecting nail varnishes ever
since I was five and I had a pretend
beauty salon at my school.(Had to chuck


those ones out though.)

What made you start?
The colours! I loved seeing them all
sitting together and painting with them.
Often I painted things I wasn't supposed
to, like my mum's beige carpet.

Where do you store your collection?
My Dad put up a display cabinet, but
we've outgrown it about five times over.

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My housemate's collection and mine
have merged and it's getting a bit
ridiculous now!

What do you like about your collection?
The colour therapy! And I love all the new
textures there are now; concrete, glitter,
gloss, matte, caviar and even leather.

Do you collect anything else?

Jamie's 7 hour meals

I have always been a massive hoarder!
Vintage playing cards, shoes, White Stuff
scarves, Babycham champagne glasses,
fabric and china dogs from Ireland are
just some of the many things I collect.

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