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he Rolling hills, rippling fords and limestone
cottages of the Cotswolds embody the poetic
landscape of Britain. Charming villages, each
with their own quaint uniqueness, sprawl across
the countryside and stand in stark contrast to
busy city living.

We took our latest collection 'House of Heritage'
to the Cotswolds to get a taste of local customs and
present-day life in the country. Explore the full range
and enjoy our online features and tips on where to eat,
rural crafts and walks around the countryside, or even
pop into our Witney store in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds!

  The Cotswolds has a rich history of craft
and industry and many of the local
businesses go back for generations.

  The Cotswolds is a food sanctuary
(and let's not forget all the
wonderful pubs!)

  Rumour has it that Morris Dancing
tours are more popular with the
young than One Direction.

  Our great patchwork of British accents.

  Not known for its high-octane
sporting action, the Cotswolds takes
a more relaxed view of sport.

  With an array of postcard-pretty villages,
there are a myriad of walking trails to
be found around every brook and ford.

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